4. 5. 2019 -

Quality Bike Equipment

Do you belong to passionate cyclists? Are you trying to overcome yourself and try harder terrain? So you certainly have a high quality bike and other equipment. What about your footwear? Wouldn't you want to try something new and better than ordinary footwear? Our MTB spikes are tailor-made and are designed to tackle more demanding terrain. It will make every ride easier. They are light and well seated on the leg and can be used even when walking.
Conquer any terrain
If you really spend a lot of time on your bike and don't just ride the bike trails, but try to conquer different terrain, our MTB shoes are just for you. Because they are tailor-made, they perfectly fit you and perfectly embrace your foot to ensure a comfortable ride. They have a rougher and harder sole and for a good grip on the bike, and also walk well on foot when you have to sit down from the wheel for a while.