4. 5. 2019 -

One chair or the whole apartment!

Sometimes there is a situation where a new increment is introduced into the family, and the small kitchen table is not inflatable, at other times the holes in the sofa upholstery are simply too large. You do not have to hesitate to contact our furniture shop in Pilsen even if you wish to have a total restoration of your home – we will be happy to help you plan it.
What are our options?
First, let's look at the choices. Thanks to our range, you can decide not only the type of your new piece, but also the shape, size, material or color used. If you want to know in advance how the individual of your innovated interior will be tuned and how they fit into the space, you'll surely appreciate the ability to preview into a three-dimensional model. Another advantage that is worth noting is purely practical: when buying over 15 000,-CZK you get its free transportation all over Pilsen!