4. 5. 2019 -

Need to fix the façade of a family house?

If you want to have your own platforms at home and have access to them anytime you need them, take advantage of the great deals of M/S Elektro, which offers not only their rental but also their sales.
On offer for sale are the following platforms: Genie GS 2032, Snorkel and Niftylift. Genie GS 2032, year of production 1998, has a maximum working height of 8.1 meters, the floor of the working basket should not exceed 6.1 meters. The working basket can withstand up to 362 kilograms, which is fantastic due to the relatively small size of the machine. It is powered by a battery with a built-in rechargeable charger. Driving with this machine is safe even when it is moving. It weighs not even 2 tons and you buy it for a fantastic 140.000 CZK.
Platforms for Sale
The company M/S Elektro Olomouc does not offer platforms for rent only, you can buy them here and have them always at hand.