4. 5. 2019 -

Metal Racks

To the workshop, whether you are joiner or other looking for something suitable, where could you store long pipes or lathe or boards? You need to be able to access them from all sides and it is also important to carry the necessary material. If you are looking for something such, we offer you a console metal racks.
As a carpenter, do you use a lot of batters or wooden boards daily? Do you need to have all these things handy? Canturegals will be what will tear the thorn from the heel. Relieve yourself from walking through the entire workshop. With such racks you will have a simpler job.
Suitable for both workshop and house
Cantable Metal racks can be purchased in a two-sided variant. The reason is clear, do not always throw the location only on the wall. Another point that will surely be important to you, and you will be glad for it, is the capacity and ease of access.