4. 5. 2019 -

Mácha Lake

Mácha Lake offers many possibilities. There is a two-sided regular boat transport, you can get comfortably to Doks and old Splavy. In Staré Splavy is our cottage recreation area. Lake Water is only a short walk away.
The boat lines are open during summer holidays, otherwise cruises are held on request. Around Mácha Lake lead hiking trails, clearly signed. There are also cycling routes and instructious trails suitable for the general public and families with children. A skilled and less-skilled tourist will be here for you.
Museum of the four-petal
Mácha Lake lies in the town of Doksy. Here you can visit for example the Museum of the four-petal. The lake was a template for the Blaťák pond in the four-petal comic. Jarmilina's path leads between Doksy and old Splavy.