4. 5. 2019 -

Custom-made cabinets and furniture

We can offer tailor-made cabinets and furniture in several colors. From basic, pastel, bright to polished. Complemented by a variety of modern snaps, mirrors or rails, the possibility of execution is a plethora and it depends only on you, which variant you choose, or which suits you in your interior.
Our team of experts and creative designers are still introducing innovations in our assortment and we belong among the pioneers of new trends. You can't get any fab cabinets, bedrooms or corridors from us. We offer rather positive and soothing motifs that fit into the bedroom or the corporate background. Variants and colours adapt to the interior or your requirements.
Favourable price
Thanks to many years of cooperation with our suppliers, we have lower prices of material purchase and so we can provide this favourable price calculation to our customers. We rarely use the help of subcontractors, we do all the work in our workshops and thus the price also decreases. The price of the wardrobe is available to you immediately after processing the 3D design on our site.